Program to mobilize the working class and the people, bring capitalist governments down and pave the way toward socialism with democracy

Europe |

  1. For the rights of the working class 
  • Against all programs of austerity.
  • Against unemployment: reduction and distribution of working hours without pay cuts, prohibition of layoffs and suspensions, and nationalization of non compliant companies under workers’ control.
  • Against low wages: minimum wage equal to the cost of living, regularization of all workers, and living retirement pensions.
  • Against all labor flexibilization reforms. Annulment of trash contracts. Permanent contracts for all workers. Against raising the age of retirement and the privatization of pension systems. For converting welfare programs into effective jobs with living wages.
  • For gender equality in wages, access to employment and management positions.
  • For the publishing of companies’ accounting books and workers´ control of production.
  • Against labor bureaucracy; for workers’ democracy: freedom of organization without State interference, decision-making power in assemblies, rank-and-file elected negotiators, integration into union leaderships of all currents according to proportion of votes in union elections, return to work of union officers after two mandates. For a new militant, classist and democratic labor leadership.
  • Against class-conciliation. Strike committees, pickets, organized self-defensive, inter-regional or inter-union coordination and active general strikes a methods of struggle.

2.For the rights of women and sexual dissidence. 

  • Against sexist violence and femicide. For emergency budget to finance free comprehensive assistance, refugee centers, and subsidies for victims, under the control of feminist organizations.
  • For comprehensive sex education with a gender and sexual diversity based approach. For a free public health
  • For legal, safe and free abortion, as part of the public health system. No restrictions in countries where abortion is already legal. For free birth control.
  • Against human trafficking, procuring and the State´s complicity. For social reinsertion programs for the victims, job alternatives for those who want to abandon prostitution and social rights for sexual workers.
  • Against any kind of discrimination towards members of the LGBT community. For equal rights and an employment quota for trans people.
  • For the acknowledgment and socialization of unpaid domestic work, and retirement rights. For, day and night shift schooling, and the establishment of quality community preschools, diners, laundries and nursing homes.
  • For a secular State, the annulment of all privileges and State subsidies given to churches and private and religious education. Against all religious fundamentalism.
  1. For the rights of the youth and other popular sectors
  • For free, secular, mandatory State schooling at every level, with quality school food and scholarships.
  • Against precarious internship programs. For programs of youth labor insertion.
  • For unrestricted access to public university, university autonomy and academic freedom. University co-government with student majority and direct election and recall of all authorities. Independent public scientific and technological state research without corporate interference.
  • Against police persecution of the youth and militarization of popular neighborhoods. For the legalization of the cultivation and consumption of marijuana.
  • For a single payer health care system and public production of medicine.
  • Against land concentration and the plundering of peasants´ small farmers´ lands by landlords and corporations. For agrarian reform and the expropriation of large landowners, redistribution of land and affordable credit.
  • Against all discrimination towards migrants and refugees. For documentation and social inclusion programs.
  • Against racism and the persecution of ethnic and religious minorities and native peoples. Restitution of ancestral lands to native peoples, and respect for their language and culture through the establishment of a plurinational State.
  1. For peoples’ independence and unity. 
  • For the right to self determination, including desired independence and separation, such as Catalonia and Euzkadi.
  • For the national liberation of the Kurdish people and an independent Kurdistan.
  • Against NATO, US and Russian intervention in the Middle East.
  • Against the Zionist State of Israel. For a single, democratic, secular, non-racist Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital city. Down with the dictators Al Assad in Syria and Erdogan in Turkey.
  • For the independence of every colony and semi-colony.
  • For a new MERCOSUR in defense of workers´ and the peoples´ interests, not of the corporations.
  • Against Russian and US intervention in Ukraine and the rest of the ex-Soviet republics.
  • For the free union of the people in federations of socialist democratic republics by region or continent: Latin America and the Caribbean, Maghreb, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle east, the ex-Soviet Union, the Asian South-East and the Indian subcontinent.
  1. Against all imperialist intervention and domination
  • For a social audit, moratorium, abolition and cancellation of the illegitimate and fraudulent foreign debts. For a front of debtor countries.
  • For the nationalization under workers’ and users’ control of privatized public services without compensation.
  • For the annulment of the NAFTA and all other free trade agreements.
  • Against the US blockade of Minustah and it’s troops out of Haiti, US out of Afghanistan. Imperialists out of Malvinas, Guantanamo, Ceuta, Melilla, and other enclaves and military bases in other countries.
  • Against the European Union and its Central Bank. For a Europe of workers and the people.
  • Against imperialist multinational organizations, financial (IMF, World Bank, IDB), as well as commercial (WTO, OECD), political (UN), or military (NATO), and their programs of plunder and austerity.
  • Against US threats to North Korea and it’s interference in South Korea. Against both governments, the southern pro-US puppet and the Northern totalitarian bureaucracy. In pursuance of a unified socialist and democratic Korea.
  • Against China’s imperialist policies and its Stalinist and capitalist restaurationist government.
  1. For the people, the broadest democracy
  • Against monarchies, military-civic dictatorships, single-party regimes, senates, constitutional tribunals and all other anti-democratic institutions. For free elections.
  • Against all authoritarianism. For complete democratic freedom of speech, organization and mobilization. Trials and life sentences to those responsible of genocide.
  • For support of, acknowledgment and legalization of independent, community, popular and working class alternative media.
  • Against the persecution of working class and popular activists. For the liberation of all political prisoners.
  • For independent commission of inquiry to investigate any public official accused of corruption and/or abuse of authority.
  • For the election of a sovereign and free Constituent Assembly for the people to decide democratically how to reorganize the country on new grounds. Support of constituent processes based on workers´ and peoples´ participation.
  • For a non presidential political regime, with an Executive power elected by a single-house Parliament with gender equality, salaries equal workers´ wages for all public officials and recallable mandates.
  • For the democratization of the Judicial system: election of judges and prosecutors by universal suffrage, limited and recallable mandates and trials by popular juries.
  • For the dismantling of the repressive apparatus: the armed forces, police, security and secret services. For the democratization and the right of the rank-and-file to unionize For the people´s self defense and arming.
  1. Eco-socialism against the destruction of the environment
  • Against productivism and market economy´s anarchism based on the pursuit of profit, the exploitation of workers and the plundering of natural resources by transnational corporations. For a democratically planned economy based on meeting human needs and conserving nature..
  • Against extractivism and water, land and air pollution. For the prohibition of open air mining, fracking and agrotoxins. For an ecological agriculture and the sustainable industries.
  • For the conversion of polluting industries and a restructuring of their work force with job and wage continuity assured by the government.
  • Against global warming: immediate and qualitative gas emission reduction aimed at its eradication.
  • For a plan of conversion of the current nuclear and hydrocarbon based energy system to another model based on clean and renewable energy, under social control.
  • Against indiscriminate urban development, deforestation. For the protection of glaciers and other fresh water sources.
  1. For anticapitalist governments, towards socialism
  • For a workers´ and peoples´ government, based on their democratic organizations, born of their struggle against the bourgeoisie and imperialism.
  • For an emergency economic plan of substantial measures, such as an agrarian reform, ending payments of the foreign debt, and nationalizing the banking industry and foreign trade.
  • This government must strive to strengthen the revolution in its country and extend it abroad.
  • We do not consider the bourgeois nationalist and/or populist governments of Maduro, Evo nor the past governments of Correa and Lula-Dilma, nor those of Syriza in Greece or Podemos in Madrid and Barcelona, as our own.
  1. For international socialism

This capitalist an patriarchal system in crisis brings the world’s masses increasing hunger and misery, war and colonialism, oppression and sexist violence, destruction of the environment, barbarism and even puts the survival of humanity at risk. Furthermore, the ongoing crisis between the US and North Korea doesn´t count out the possibility of a nuclear disaster.

Only the destruction of that inherently unjust an savage system, based on the interests of the 1%, and its replacement by a socialist society without exploitation or oppression, will be able to usher a new age of progress for all humanity.

To achieve this goal, the working class, women, the youth and other popular sectors, through self determination and mobilization, must defeat capitalists and their accomplices in each country and take political power into their own hands.

Workers will introduce a political regime of broad liberties, opposed to the bureaucratic totalitarianism of the misnamed “real socialism”, which ended up restoring capitalism. At the same time, expropriating corporations, nationalizing the means of production, and organizing production democratically, will allow a rational planning of the economy to meet working class and popular needs.

Internationalist solidarity and mutual respect will replace imperialist pillaging. It is imperative to support the revolutionary struggles against all oppressors across the world to definitely overthrow capitalism and undertake the worldwide construction of socialism. 

  1. Building revolutionary parties and a revolutionary International. 

The global capitalist offensive and the restoration of capitalism in the third of the world where the bourgeoisie had been expropriated, did not reverse the regression of the forces of production. Therefore, despite the huge changes which have taken place, we are still in the same era of crisis, war and revolution that began between 1914 and 1917.

Due to this combination of objective and subjective factors the following quote by Trotsky maintains validity: “The crisis of humanity is the crisis of its revolutionary leadership.” Our main task is, therefore, to build revolutionary parties with the working class, youth and feminist vanguard based on The Transitional Program and the Theory of Permanent Revolution, with democratic centralism. To achieve this goal, it´s imperative to adopt different tactics of unity of action, united fronts, revolutionary united fronts, broad anticapitalist parties or fronts, etc.

This is the challenge revolutionary socialists face across the world today, opposed to opportunist sectors -who postpone the building of revolutionary parties to an uncertain future- and also to sectarians -who refuse to adopt broad tactics to take advantage of new phenomena that emerge on the Left.

We are launching an international tendency disposed to uniting with everyone who shares the  strategy of building revolutionary parties and a revolutionary International.