Brasil: For an independent committee to investigate the murders of Marielle and Anderson

Mar 15, 2019 | Campaigns, Latin America

A year after the execution of the PSOL councilwoman of Rio de Janeiro, Marielle Franco, attack in which her driver Anderson Gomes was also killed, there are still few answers and too many questions. The imprisonment of two suspects on March 12 doesn’t solve the crime or answer the most important question: who ordered the murder of Marielle Franco?

The delay in the elucidation of this crime proves the distrust in the institutions of the State that should carry out that investigation. From Juntas y a la Izquierda and Socialist Alternative (internal current of the PSOL and Brazilian section of the Anticapitalist Network) we propose the creation of an independent committee to investigate the murder of Marielle. A committee composed of specialists, international and national human rights entities and social movements.

We believe that only the mobilization of the masses on the streets can create the necessary pressure for the crime to be solved and for its real authors to be punished. In that sense, we consider the position of the national leadership of the PSOL and other provincial and municipal leaderships, who preferred only symbolic homages and artistic shows to be completely mistaken, instead of organizing a great march demanding justice and raising issues that are directly linked to the genocide of Black people and attacks on social activists and movements, like minister of Justice Sergio Moro´santi-crime” package, or the fight to abolish the military police, whose violence and authoritarianism are clearer every day, as seen in various cases of persecution and aggression during the carnival.

To fight for justice for Marielle and Anderson we need more than beautiful homages and changing the name of the party’s foundation (now called Lauro Campos and Marielle Franco). We must fight with the historical methods of the working class, like strikes, mobilizations and others, not falling into the traps of bourgeois institutions that are strongly compromised with the maintenance of the current state of things, with the perpetuation of the exploitation and oppression of people of color, women, the LGBT movement and the working class.

Alternativa Socialista