Successful conference in Barcelona: the International Socialist League is born

May 28, 2019 | Asia and Oceania, Eastern Europe, Europe, Latin America, Middle East

The founding conference of the ISL took place in the Catalan capital from Friday 24 to Sunday 26. A new international socialist organization that unites revolutionary parties and groups from more than twenty countries in three continents was born. This is a first assessment of the event.

On Thursday 23, the day before the conference of the ISL, the last meeting of the Anticapitalist Network has held, going over a very positive assessment of the path that took us to this superior instance that begins with the foundation of this new international current.

The conference, called by the Liaison Committee constituted last December between the Anticapitalist Network and the Socialist Workers Party (SEP) of Turkey, had as its base a political declaration and an international program in which we develop our revolutionary socialist strategy.

The sessions took place in the building of Barcelona´s state lodge Xanascat. One by one the delegates from the different countries of America, Asia and Europe arived. Luckily, we were able to overcome the obstacles that the delegates of Colombia, Venezuela and Uruguay had to face, confirming the hardening of the current migratory laws in the European Union.

Reports, debates, votes

With the enthusiasm of the meeting and the collaboration of the translators, the conference began with the reports of comrades Alejandro Bodart (Argentinian MST) and Volkan Arslan (Turkish SEP). They both developed “a shared comprehension of the situation and the tasks” that revolutionary socialist organizations face today at a global level.

The global economic crisis and its perspectives; the situation in Western Europe, Latin America, Maghreb and the Middle East, as well as in the countries of the former USSR, were the topics of the reports, which reflected the reality of the different countries and regions with their similarities and differences. With interventions and questions, the debates were enlightening.

Once the program and the strategic framework of the new organization was voted, the conference debated and approved several resolutions and declarations that materialize the positions and tasks of the ILS: on economy, climate change, Europe and migrants, Kurdistan; campaigns about the next March 8th, solidarity with the yellow vests in France and with the Palestinian people against Israeli attacks; in defence of the leadership of our sister organization The Struggle, repressed in Pakistan, and the independent unions of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia; against imperialist presence in Iran and in support of the Brazilian students that confront Bolsonaro; about Venezuela and the Maduro regime´s censorship of Aporrea; in solidarity with the Colombian student leaders that are under threat of death by the fascist group Black Eagles and the condemnation of the government of Ortega in Nicaragua and the demand for the freedom of its political prisoners.

The following steps

Aside from quickly commencing the internationalist campaigns we voted, we also voted quickly creating a webpage that will be available in seven languages and organizing a camp of political education for our youth in Asia and Europe, to be helg in August in Turkey, and another one in Argentina in the beginning of the next year for the youth in Latin America. In addition, the elected coordination was mandated to organize the First World Congress of the new organization within a year.

During times in which most Trotskyist organizations are in stagnation, going through crisis, divisions or even implosions -as in the case of the U.S. ISO- the ISL is born to revese this dynamic, as a qualitative step in the opposite direction, of unity in principles, at the service of regrouping more parties and groups across the continents who are currently looking for a new revolutionary and socialist international reference.

Correspondent from Barcelona